JavaScript Plugins of the Day

jQuery.Bubble – Event Bubbling with jQuery

jQuery.Bubble plugin adds bubbling functionality to jQuery. The code is similar to jQuery.fn.trigger’s because it’s meant to extend it. It also generates it’s own event object, that will remain untouched through the bubbling, meaning it’s safe to attach attributes to it and grab them with the ancestors while the event bubbles up.

jQuery timePicker

jQuery timePicker replaces a single text input with a set of pulldowns to select hour, minute, and am/pm.

jQuery focus fields

jQuery focus fields can change the border, background or text color of an input field or a textarea when it is focused.


An easy way, XHTML standard, accesible and usable, library for form validations using JavaScript with the powerful libraries jQuery and YAV.

digitarald HistoryManager

Digitarald HistoryManager is an unobtrusive MooTools plugin to allow history handling for multiple modules. It solves the typical “Back-Button” and “Ajax Bookmarks” problems for accessible browsing and a better usability in Rich Internet applications.


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