JavaScript Plugins of the Day


autoNumeric() is a jQuery plugin that formats input fields with numeric strings, supporting most International numeric formats and currency symbols. It automatically places the thousand separator and currency symbol as you type.

jQuery plugin: Accordion

This plugin creates an accordion menu. It works with nested lists, definition lists, or just nested divs. Options are available to specify the structure, if necessary, the active element (to display at first) and to customize animations. The navigation-option automatically activates a part of the accordion based on the current location (URL) of the page.


wysiwyg is a small simple “What You See Is What You Get” editor class for MooTools, taking up only 3.88kb when minified. Though small you can still choose which button to include, if it should be placed in a div or a textarea, if the content should be posted regularly or via Ajax and more.

digitarald FancyUpload

Swiff meets Ajax for powerful and elegant uploads. FancyUpload is a file-input replacement which features an unobtrusive, multiple-file selection menu and queued upload with an animated progress bar. It is easy to setup, is server independent, completely styleable via CSS and XHTML and uses MooTools to work in all modern browsers.


mooRainbow is a powerful Javascript color picker for MooTools, that allows you to visually choose and use colors as a real and useful application.


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