JavaScript Plugins of the Day

jQuery IconDock

iconDock is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create a menu on your web like the Mac OS X operating system dock effect one. It is based on the Google X menu, an approach that Google did to create this effect on the web.

jQuery timePicker

jQuery timePicker replaces a single text input with a set of pulldowns to select hour, minute, and am/pm.

jQuery Field Plugin

jQuery Field Plugin greatly expands the ability to retrieve and set values in forms beyond jQuery’s standard val() method (and Mike Alsup’s Form Plug-in’s fieldArray() method) by allowing you to interact with all types of form field elements (except input[@type="file"], which is a read-only element.) It works the same way for text elements as it […]


ThickBox is a webpage UI dialog widget written in JavaScript on top of the jQuery library. Its function is to show a single image, multiple images, inline content, iframed content, or content served through AJAX in a hybrid modal.

digitarald FancyUpload

Swiff meets Ajax for powerful and elegant uploads. FancyUpload is a file-input replacement which features an unobtrusive, multiple-file selection menu and queued upload with an animated progress bar. It is easy to setup, is server independent, completely styleable via CSS and XHTML and uses MooTools to work in all modern browsers.


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