JavaScript Plugins of the Day

Jeditable – jQuery in place edit plugin

Jeditables is an inline/in place editing plugin for jQuery, which offers a variety of options and styles for editing content.

Ajax Upload

This plugin uses XHR for uploading multiple files with progress-bar in FF3.6+, Safari4+, Chrome and falls back to hidden iframe based upload in other browsers, providing good user experience everywhere.

Simple Star Rating System

Simple Star Rating System is a jquery plugin for star rating systems.


A jQuery plugin for searching the DOM. It lets you search within an element (e.g.: a table or a list), narrowing down the inner elements using LiquidMetal, which is way better than whatever else you could come up with.


jquery-ahm is a light-weight jquery plugin that reduces ajax requests to one-line. jquery-ahm is a replacement for $.ajax. With $.ajax, every ajax request needs a callback, resulting in a lot of javascript. $.ahm reduces javascript code by letting the response data define the actual callbacks.


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