JavaScript Plugins of the Day

SlideItMoo – MooTools image slider

SlideItMoo is a banner and image slider developed with MooTools 1.2. Differences from the first version are the fact that the image slider now supports continuous sliding when navigating, offers the possibility to set how the slider will slide ( from left or from right ) when used with the auto slide feature on, offers […]


jFrame is a jQuery plugin that provides an easy way to get an HTML frame-like behaviour on DIV Elements with AJAX. It comes with Pimentech Scripts library.

jQuery quickSearch

jQuery quickSearch is an autocomplete plugin for jQuery with many customization options.

jQuery autoHelp

Sometimes it’s important to tell the user what’s expected of him. Especially when filling out a complicated form. The jQuery autoHelp plugin uses the title attribute to display help in a separate DOM element.

Calendar A Javascript class for Mootools

Calendar is a Javascript class that adds accessible and unobtrusive date-pickers to your form elements. This class is a compilation of many date-pickers I have implemented over the years and has been completely re-written for Mootools. I have tried to include all the features that have been most useful while streamlining the class itself to […]


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