JavaScript Plugins of the Day

jQuery plugin: Accordion

This plugin creates an accordion menu. It works with nested lists, definition lists, or just nested divs. Options are available to specify the structure, if necessary, the active element (to display at first) and to customize animations. The navigation-option automatically activates a part of the accordion based on the current location (URL) of the page.

jQuery Corner

jQuery Corner allows you to add effects to your elements corners.

jQuery Ajax Rater

jQuery Ajax Rater is based on the code Ritesh Agrawal did.

phatfusion rounded corners

Phatfusion rounded corners for mootools creates rounded corners on divs.

Mootools inline editor with contextmenu

A very handy tool to edit content online and directly by simply clicking the part of the site you wish to change. As this is nothing special, it has features like a context menu, with which you can specify text color, text size, make all text same color, etc. But – this is not all! […]


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