JavaScript Plugins of the Day

Skype-like buttons using jQuery

When using Skype you have surely noticed that animated button for adding more people to a chat. When you click on it, the icon on the left “jumps” for a few times. This tutorial is going to show you how to create the same button using jQuery and some simple CSS.

Tetris with jQuery

Tetris with jQuery is a puzzle video game for jQuery.

jQuery Flickr

jQuery Flickr plug-in is a JavaScript interface for Flickr Services API written on top of the jQuery library. It’s function is to process a Flickr API Standard Photo List returned in JSON and create a semantic gallery (unordered list) of thumbnail images (list items) with links to full size images. When combined with jQuery Litebox, […]

jQuery cssCheckbox

jQuery cssCheckbox is a plugin to style your checkboxes.

phatfusion slideshow

Phatfusion slideshow for mootools generates transition between images.


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